Uncategorized Oct 27, 2020

Good day to everyone! I want to jump right in to just touch on how important it is to recognize actions and situations that may initiate agitated or aggressive behaviors with people struggling with dementia. These actions or situations can be very very small or they can be relatively large but they are known as "triggers". 

If you have not already done so, make it a point to recognize patterns of behavior or expectations in your LO day. Any changes to these patterns can become triggers for escalated behaviors or change in mental status. So for example, normal snack before going to bed, or typical breakfast times and foods, or a typical walk around the park that happens each day at a certain time. These are all examples of behavioral patters in someone's day that, if changed can bring on a change in mood or agitation. 

Check out this peer reviewed article on how important caregivers and family caregivers are in the process of controlling or minimizing LO escalated behaviors without using medications....

My tip is to be very observant and start adding to the life story or storyboard so that patterns are noted. You will start to pick up on items throughout the day that can be targeted later to help with understanding why your LO became upset or more confused and it can also help with the de-escalation process. 

I hope that helps! Always remember to have your gratitudes in the forefront because no matter how challenging it gets, there is always room for being thankful! Have a great day!


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