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Uncategorized Nov 06, 2020

Hey everyone. I had a great conversation not too long ago with the founder and President of Dementia Society of America, which is a non profit organization aimed at enhancing the quality of life for those living with dementia, caregivers, and family. Kevin Jameson has dedicated his time and efforts in helping those dealing with dementia at every stage and from the point of view of someone who has dealt with this first hand. 

I immediately found another person that has a passion for improving the quality of life for all involved with dementia through education and awareness. I wanted to specifically share with you a service they provide which is awesome and very useful. They call it the Aware and Share card. A card that has great information on it to reference if your loved one is lost or confused and is found by someone outside of the inner circle, like a neighbor, the police, or a personnel in the hospital.You can check this great resource out here

There are great...

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Uncategorized Oct 27, 2020

Good day to everyone! I want to jump right in to just touch on how important it is to recognize actions and situations that may initiate agitated or aggressive behaviors with people struggling with dementia. These actions or situations can be very very small or they can be relatively large but they are known as "triggers". 

If you have not already done so, make it a point to recognize patterns of behavior or expectations in your LO day. Any changes to these patterns can become triggers for escalated behaviors or change in mental status. So for example, normal snack before going to bed, or typical breakfast times and foods, or a typical walk around the park that happens each day at a certain time. These are all examples of behavioral patters in someone's day that, if changed can bring on a change in mood or agitation. 

Check out this peer reviewed article on how important caregivers and family caregivers are in the process of controlling or minimizing LO escalated behaviors...

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Importance of a Story board??

Uncategorized Oct 21, 2020

What Do Life Story Boards Do?

Life Story Boards share information about the resident gathered in the Life History Profile with caregivers, family and visitors. Each board identifies the stage of dementia via a facility-based color-coding system. Not only do the boards communicate meaningful information about residents in an easy-to-understand format, but they also provide opportunities for residents to have quality interactions with staff throughout the day.


There are so many great reasons for creating the story board but one of the greatest reasons is to get to know your loved one! I just wanted to share one of the perspectives and projects from another resource.


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Introduction to New Dementia 911 Basic Course


Welcome to everyone challenged with dementia in any way and an intro to Dementia 911, a site built around gaining perspective and building confidence for any caregiver or family member ready to learn. 

Hello, my name is Walter Hansen and I have worked in and around the dementia challenge for over 17 years as a first responder and medical professional. I love being able to share my experiences and time with like minded people in search for a better quality of life even when faced with challenging circumstances. I created the Dementia 911 Basic Course as an introduction to the concepts around the philosophy of keeping the dementia patient out of the emergency management system when possible. And through these concepts, we learn to be better prepared for what is in our future which also allows you to plan for situations rather than always be sitting by the phone waiting for the "dreaded" phone call.

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